Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to make my business safer- Doors (part 1)

Thank you for taking time to read our blog. Our blog series “how to make my business safer” will continue this week with the topic of doors. Doors are a complex issue and will be broken up over several posts.  A door can be a very vulnerable point for any structure to get broken into. Doors were designed for people to get into a building, we just want to control which people get in.


Let’s start with the type of door you select. We think of several different elements when we select doors and often times, looks and styling usually take priority.  One of those elements of style is windows within the door. Windows have lots of benefits, just not when it comes to making your business safer. Windows in doors should be avoided at all cost. However, you are going to select a door that has a window, ensure that the window is placed high in the door. Ensure that it is small enough that if the window got broken someone can not reach the lock or enter through the opening. We would also recommend that the glass is designed that someone looking in is unable to get a clear picture of what is inside. Buy tamper resistant glass if available. 


The quality of the door material and its density should not be overlooked. Most doors are either wood, steel or fiberglass. Solid wood doors are expensive and fiberglass often has limitations.  Steel is an overall great option, lower priced than other materials, lower maintenance and provides you protection. There are variety of styles and options to pick from.  When buying a steel door, the gauge of the steel is very important.  The lower the number the thicker the steel. 24 gauge is common at big box stores selling a low end/discount doors. This is not sufficient for security and you should look for a lower number.


We hope you feel more informed when selecting a door to help make your business safer. Next week we will talk about locks, hinges, strike plates and installation techniques. To see more updates, like our Facebook page.