Monday, June 27, 2016

Sheriff's Department graduates first electronic detection K9.

According to Fox 13 of Salt Lake City a new K-9 has joined the ranks of Weber County Sheriff’s Office is jokingly called Utah’s first "porn dog."
The 16-month-old black Labrador named URL, is the state’s first electronic detection K-9. The dog comes from the same trainer as the K-9 who played a role in the arrest of former Subway pitchman, Jared Fogle, according to a press release from the sheriff's office.
URL is specifically trained to sniff out electronic storage devices such as thumb drives, cellphones, SIM cards, SD cards, external hard drives, tablets and iPads.
“Whether it’s child porn, or terrorism intelligence, narcotics or financial crimes information, URL has the ability to find evidence hidden on basically any electronic memory device,” the release states.
Authorities say URL will assist investigators on these specific cases and will also be used at the Weber County Jail to locate contraband, such as cellphones.
“URL does not actually search for illegal materials, but rather his highly sensitive nose has been trained to detect the unique chemical compounds found in the certain electronic components,” the release states.
The K-9 was acquired from Jordan Detection K-9 in Greenfield, Ind. Rescued from a shelter as a puppy, URL went through six months of training before becoming certified.
He is one of nine certified electronic detection K-9s in the country and the only one in the western states region, according to the release.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Security Guard pays it forward.

We at Charlesbrook Protection Services received this email from a lady named Susian. We had never heard of her prior to this encounter she had with one of our security guards at a gas station in Grand Rapids. He was off duty and on his way to his post for the night . Below is her email:

"To whom it may concern,  My name is Susian, I have not heard of your company until today.  I am writing this as a result of an encounter I had with a guard who is employed by you.  I was in the gas station with my two kids and was paying for my groceries when I noticed I was short money.  One of your employees gave me money to help pay for my groceries.  I know it was one of your employees because he was still in uniform and i remember the patch. I did not get his name but he was a younger, taller and bigger man.  Im writing this because he left before i can get his name and wanted to see if maybe you can thank him for me.  I wish you all of the best, and have a blessed day, Susian. "

 We can thank him for you! Thank you ,Corporal Dorchak. For those of you who know him, this story will not come as a surprise.  Corporal Dorchak is know for doing these types of things. You will also know that he didn't want any recognition for this but we think he deserves it!   He's always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. His morals make him a great officer.  Your actions reflect well on our company and yourself. You are commended for a job well done.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Questions to ask a security guard company before hiring them.

Choosing the correct security guard agency should be one of the most important decisions you, your business or your community will ever make. You are trusting your safety to them the personnel they employ.  Asking the following questions will help you make the right choice when selecting a private security company:
Is the company licensed?
In the state of Michigan, private security companies must be licensed through the State of Michigan. Ask to see a copy of their license. The name of that company should be printed on the license. If it is not in that companies name, that company is unlicensed.  The  company should document employees. The State of Michigan no longer requires background checks for employees of a security guard agency.  It is up to the company you're hiring to conduct pre employment screenings. Make sure they are doing this and ask for proof. Not doing so could mean you are letting a violent felon or sexual predator into your place of business. Hiring an unlicensed company puts you at increase risk of being sued and could put you in danger. 
Is the company bonded?
Michigan requires security guard agencies to obtain  bonding in the amount of $250,000 or more. 
Still unsure if they are licensed?
If you are still unsure contact the Michigan Department of licensing and regulatory affairs to verify.
Do they have references?
Ask for current references and contact them. Find out what specific services they are receiving and what their experiences have been. Ask them if they have ever used another company and how their services compare. 
Is the company insured?
Make sure the private security company you are considering carries liability insurance. Ask to be shown proof. 
Do the security officers present a professional image?
The company’s security officers should wear professional uniforms. They should be neat, clean and polished looking. If they are wearing t-shirts or don't look professional, remember they are representing your company as well.  If they don't look professional this should raise some red flags.
Are they the lowest bidder?
The lowest bid is not always the best and probably is that cheap for a reason. If a private security company’s prices are significantly lower than others, they may plan to cut expenses by hiring unskilled workers or failing to have proper insurance. Remember, you get what you pay for. 
Does the company monitor its guards?
Many security guards work off shift hours when the security company’s office is closed, and lack of supervision is one of the top complaints in the private security industry. A top private security company should have chain of command that stays in contact with its officers.  
Does the company document incidents and complete daily report logs.  on my property?
Reputable security companies daily report logs, incident reports, and other such documents/ records. This protects both companies from liability. 
Does the company set up custom security plans?
a one size fits all approach should never be taken. Make sure they are setting up plans to meet your facility and companies unique needs. 
Does the company provide me other services such as light checks or lock ups if I need them?
All services and fees should be clearly specified in your contract.
Does the company have 24 hour communication in place for emergencies if I need to reach them?
A private security company should provide you with a way to contact a supervisor, even at night, on weekends and during holidays.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Disabled United States Marine working together again with combat dog.

At Charlesbrook Protection Services, the level of service we provide is paramount. We maintain this by several different methods but the main way is by employing the highest caliber of security guards available. We aim not only to hire veterans from the Grand Rapids area, but hire those veterans who may have faced challenges finding employment post military service. Veterans working for us have expressed the difficulty transitioning to civilian life.  We feel a duty to support our veterans in this transition.

 Below is a story Wood TV 8, a news station station did on one of our security guards.  Sgt. DeYoung served 5 years in the Marines, searching for IED’s with his Explosives Detection Dog, Cena. After their tour in Afghanistan they were separated for over four years. Cena went on to serve 2 more tours with different handlers.  Two years ago they got reunited and now they are working together again for Charlesbrook Protection Services.

Cena now serves as DeYoung's PTSD service dog.  When DeYoung came to us, he told us of past discrimination he had faced in the work place. We told him those days were over for him.  Not only does Cena help DeYoung be able to utilize all of his training from the Marines, all of our clients love Cena!

You can see them working together every other Friday this summer during Movies in the Park at Ah-Nab-Awen Park, put on by Dowtown Grand Rapids Inc. Stop by and say hello. This event is so much fun and family friendly. We are extremely proud to employ these two heroes.